Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wonton Ravioli Recipe with Chicken, Spinach and Artichoke Ravioli Filling

I was recently flipping through an issue of Cooking Light and saw a recipe for wonton raviolis. I was slightly intrigued. I love ravioli but I can never find just the right filling in the prepared kind. Mr. T doesn't eat beef and cheese is just so boring.
We've bought Pastosa ravioli in the past and while it's good it just wasn't great enough to shell out the extra dough (ha!) for it.
When I passed some wonton wrappers in the store the other day,  I grabbed them up and decided to make some ravioli at home. These raviolis were easy enough to make for a weeknight. They are also huge, so you probably only need 2 or 3 and they clock in at about 100 calories per ravioli without the sauce. (You can reduce the calories if you don't double the skins like I did.)

I ended up topping the ravioli with my favorite quick sauce. I call it pomodoro aglio e olio.  This is my absolute favorite quick pasta sauce. The flavors are so fresh and bright. It's so easy and I usually have all the ingredients in the house.

I also served it along with my quick grilled zucchini. (I've been on a big zucchini kick lately.) This recipe is now Mr. T approved!

Wonton Ravioli Recipe with Chicken, Spinach and Artichoke Ravioli Filling

1 package ravioli wrappers (small 3.5 inch squares)
1 beaten egg
Note: I decided to actually double the wonton layers so they wouldn't fall apart. This turned out to be a wise decision.
Ravioli Filling
1/2 package ground chicken
1/2 16 oz bag of spinach, thawed
4-6 canned artichoke hearts
1 cup fat-free ricotta
2 tablespoons or equivalent hunk of parmesan cheese
4-5 cloves of garlic
3-4 leaves of fresh basil
Goya Adobo light seasoning salt
Fresh ground pepper

Saute ground chicken with 2 cloves of garlic over medium heat until cooked. Squeeze all of the liquid out of the spinach and artichoke hearts. Drain any remaining liquid from chicken. Add chicken, spinach, artichokes, ricotta. parmesan, 2 remaining cloves of garlic and basil in a food processor. Pulse a few minutes until consistency is quite sticky and not loose. Add salt and pepper to taste. Give filling a very good stir to ensure all ingredients are mixed. Put a pot of water on the stove to boil.

Grill zucchini (
recipe here) and make pomodoro aglio e olio sauce (recipe below).
On a chopping board take a wonton wrapper and brush lightly with egg. Lay another wonton wrapper directly on top to form a double layer. Take a small cookie scoop of filling and place it directly in the middle of the wonton wrapper. Brush around the edges of the wrapper light with egg. Create another double layer for the top of the ravioli. Place on top of the wrapper with filling. Even out the edges and crimp around with a fork, carefully making sure there is very little air inside the ravioli. Repeat until completed. See pics below:

Add olive oil to boiling water and add ravioli. Don't overcrowd pot. Cook about 5-6 minutes or until wonton skins are translucent. Top with sauce and serve.

Pomodoro Aglio e Olio Recipe

Good dose of olive oil
4-6 cloves of garlic
Pinch of crushed red pepper
2 cups washed grape tomatoes
4-5 leaves of basil
Goya Adobo light seasoning salt

Coat the bottom of a skillet with a decent amount of olive oil. Add crushed red pepper and garlic. Cook over low heat for about 2 minutes, being carefully not to let the garlic burn. Add tomatoes and turn up the heat to medium. You can leave the tomatoes whole. Let them cook until the skin starts to wrinkle and soften. They should be easy to squash with a fork. Smash all of the tomatoes with a fork until they are broken apart into small tomato bits. Cook down for about a minute. Turn off heat. Add salt to taste and the fresh basil. My easy trick for fresh basil is to take kitchen scissors, roll up the leaves and snip thin slices right into the sauce. No need for chopping. Voila, the sauce is ready to serve.

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